Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tips and Bathrooms, Mirrors

There are several reasons why people like to shower with hot water, contributes to better muscle relaxation, in addition to facilitating a smooth process of exfoliation of the skin, and perhaps also because we are too chilly.

The fact is that every time we do this, the most common is that the finished bathroom mirror clouded with steam generated by the warm atmosphere in the room, and having closed the doors and windows.

This not only happens in the bathroom, because there are cases in which other mirrors of the house also due to fog charged atmosphere generated by one or another reason. Either by the heat generated in the kitchen and moving towards the other rooms, or simply because we have all closed and the atmosphere is loaded with our own humor, which leads to the mirrors have the steam feature on them.

To keep your mirrors fog up, but if he has a clean, a jar of alcohol and a little powdered chalk. The first thing to do is to completely clean the mirror, removing all traces of dust or grease it. After that, mix in a little container of chalk powder with a little alcohol, until there is a thick mixture has consistency.

Take the clean cloth, rub the mixture over the mirror and let this be left on the surface for thirty minutes. After that time, all the glass clean with another damp cloth. From now on you will notice that after a bath, steam very little affect the mirror, then immediately return to its natural appearance.

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