Thursday, December 2, 2010

completed house

clasic model homes are painted green on the house roof, maroon walled, iron fence that became a safety neatly laid out for signs of distance, this house is a simple form that led to the luxurious homes

family room and well appointed guest room to make familiar to those who sit in this room, clean the walls a soft couch to be complementary in this room, this room is enhanced with a large television as we saw at the cinema

green trees, fresh flowers and clean natural stone glow set for a beautiful garden, this garden could be placed in the back of the house, but the park is suitable forms in place in front, so the view can be pleased and amazed at our house
cooking space is clean and healthy to be the pride of the women to cook, they are in the test to create a delicious cooking creations, because the kitchen was created by your creations, see the jelly, all very neatly arranged

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